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Our History
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Fairmont Community Hospital Foundation was created in 1989 with sole purpose of enhancing health care in our community through charitable support of our locally-owned medical center. Our efforts are focused on the priorities in this community and are directed by board of directors as a result of input from members of our community.

Over the decades, the FCH Foundation has funded projects and initiatives that matter to both our local residents and to our local health care providers. Whether it’s a new television to enhance the quality of life for our Lutz Wing residents, blanket warmers for the Patient Care Units, or state-of-the-art digital mammography equipment, the FCH Foundation has been there to serve the local need, big or small.

When the Fairmont Medical Center was acquired by Mayo Clinic Health Systems in 2001, the agreement expanded the FCH Foundation’s role to include very important rights and responsibilities to serve as a representative of the community’s interest in the hospital and its operations. This expanded purpose ensures that the FCH Foundation plays a very critical role in maintaining the hospital and services in our community into the future.

Today, the FCH Foundation remains focused on its mission to enhance health care in our community and is very proud to serve as a representative of the community’s interests.

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