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Grant Application Guidelines


Fairmont Community Hospital Foundation’s mission is to acquire, manage and distribute funds to enhance the quality and availability of health care to patrons of our local hospital.

The Foundation will accept grant applications for review by the Grant Committee of the Board at any time of the year. Applications must be endorsed/approved by the Hospital Administrator or his/her designee prior to submission to Kayla Caven, Executive Assistant of FCH Foundation at P.O. Box 804, Fairmont, MN 56031


The Foundation will look favorably upon projects or requests that would improve patient and family services, increase quality and availability of medical services, and would provide educational opportunities for staff and community members. Additionally, specific requests used to attract high quality staff members would be welcomed.

The Foundation operates without discrimination with regard to age, sex, origin, nationality.

REVIEW PROCESS: The following criteria will be considered when determining grant awards:

-Need: Does the project address an important health care need in the community?

-Feasibility/Impact: Can the project be accomplished? Will the impact intended likely be accomplished? Will the grant result in positive changes that are lasting?

Organization/Administration: Does administration support this plan? Will time be allowed for staff involved to accomplish tasks necessary for completion?

Resources: Is the budget adequate for the accomplishment of the goal? Are other grants being considered in collaboration or cooperation? Can the project be maintained in the future?

Grant applications must be completed and include endorsement by the Hospital Administrator or his/her designee. Forms are available at the administrative office at MCHS Fairmont or from the FCH Foundation website. For additional information please contact Kayla Caven, Executive Assistant at

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